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Shipping Policy

On ShopVillex, shipping costs are applied to every transaction. This can either be covered by the buyer or by the vendor via a free delivery offer. A credit is made to the Account Statement in the amount of the shipping fee, which the customer has paid. The amount is the one that appears when a customer checks out.

Why Choose Our Store


ShopVillex emphasizes customer satisfaction by fostering a strong sense of community. Users can interact with sellers directly, ask questions, and provide feedback, creating a personalized shopping experience. The platform also offers various promotional activities, discounts, and loyalty programs to enhance customer engagement and encourage repeat purchases.

As a Vendor

  •  This is the only multi-vendor site in Bangladesh, where the ownership of the vendor or store is directly in your hands.
  •  A vendor can use his store as he wishes. Such as order acceptance, product delivery, purchase and sale are all in his hands.

As a Customers

1. You can easily select your desired product from a huge collection of different types of products.
2. 24/7 support team.
3. fast delivery.
4. Cash on Delivery.
5. Any complaints are tried to be resolved very quickly.